Board of Code Enforcement

The City of South Fulton Board of Code Enforcement has jurisdiction to decide matters and alleged violation of the City Building Code.  The Board consists of eight members who are residents of the city.  One member was nominated by each member of the City Council and the Mayor.  The Zoning Board of Appeals members shall serve a term consistent with that of the member of the City Council (or the Mayor) making the nomination.

MemberAppointed by Appointed/Term Expires
Ms. Jennifer C. Thompson
Mayor Edwards (at-large)
7/11/17 to 12/31/21
Mr. Reginald Tatum
Mayor Pro Tem Rowell (D1)
7/25/17 to 12/31/19
Mr. Sam Bowen
Councilwoman Gumbs (D2)
7/25/17 to 12/31/21
Mr. Joe Thomas
Councilwoman Willis (D3)
7/11/17 to 12/31/19
Ms. Stacey L. Collier
Councilwoman Gilyard (D4)
7/11/17 to 12/31/21
Ms. Mary Criss
Councilwoman Jackson (D5)
7/11/17 to 12/31/19
Ms. Joyce ArmsterCouncilman khalid (D6)
11/14/17 to 12/31/21
Mr. Haywood Sherrod
Councilman Baker (D7)
7/25/17 to 12/31/19