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Posted on: December 18, 2017

Mayor Edwards Vetoes Ordinance Concerning City Name




South Fulton, GA – Mayor Bill Edwards today vetoed a proposed Ordinance 2017-037, which sought to amend the Charter of the City of South Fulton amending Section 1.10 changing the name of the City to the City of Renaissance.

Mayor Bill Edwards’ rationale:

I am vetoing Ordinance No. 2017-037, Changing the Charter – Naming of the City, for the following reasons:

  • The overwhelming response of the citizens
  • The financial impact incurred by changing the name
  • There are no significant timing issues associated with naming
  • All contracts and literature from inception is South Fulton
  • From day one of this campaign for cityhood, we have been known as South Fulton
  • Previous Cities who voted on cityhood used the name they were identified as, i.e., Sandy Springs, John Creek, Milton, etc.

Finally, at this time, we have more urgent issues to deal with in order to set this City on a strong foundation to move forward.  The naming of the City can be accomplished at any time. Remember, the City of Atlanta had other names before the name Atlanta was accepted.

 As of this veto, we will revert back to our original name, the City of South Fulton.

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